FAQ Page

Answers to all your questions (Hopefully)


What is osu!fx?

It is a custom client for the very popular game osu! (http://osu.ppy.sh)

How do I install osu!fx?

You can download the new version and just run it and it will autoinstall all the dependencies,
or you can download the old version and manualy need to download the dependencies (dlls)

How do I go back to normal osu? (Uninstall)

Just use osu's installer to reinstall osu!
If you point the installer to install into your current osu! folder it will install osu! there and you will keep all your settings and maps.
It is possible to have both osu!fx and normal osu! installed at the same time but require to be in seperate folders.

Who is "The Team"?

(public team)

How can I contact you in a professional way?

You got snapchat?

Why did you start making osu!fx?

I was bored and wanted something to do. I wanted to learn c# in my own way and this is the result.

What is your story?

I was the quickest to the egg.

What is your osu! story?

I got restricted on the main server for using a replay editor to fix a replay for a friend. The replay editor is a seperate tool that I used to fix a replay after the beatmap id had changed. For whatever reason that tool is qualified as a hack somehow... In my opinion it shouldn't but after trying to explain myself to the staff, but got ignored as they wont recive any of my messages until a half a year after I got my restriction. At that point I wrote a bible to them trying to explain what had happened but recived back a message denying my appeal. Want to read the e-mail I sent and the message I recived?